Complete Guide to Family Island Game

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the Family Island game. In this guide, we’ll give you lots of tips, tricks, and hacks to help you win the game and become a pro. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to improve your skills, this guide is here to help you. It will help you build a prosperous village on a deserted island. So let’s dive in and discover the secrets to success in Family Island!

Keep Your Family Busy

One of the key aspects of Family Island is managing and completing the tasks and activities of your family members. To ensure success, it’s important to keep everybody on the island busy. Assign tasks and make sure the production queue is always full. This will allow you to produce goods, harvest crops, and meet the needs of your growing village. By keeping your family members busy, you’ll maximize your productivity and ensure a thriving economy.

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Complete Objectives and Tasks

To progress in Family Island, you must complete the objectives and tasks presented to you. These objectives provide valuable rewards such as energy, diamonds, and resources. By completing these tasks, you’ll unlock new content and advance in the game. Make it a priority to focus on the objectives and use them as a guide to navigate the challenges of the game.

Locate Hidden Items

Family Island is full of hidden treasures and resources that can benefit your village. To locate these hidden items, use the magnifying glass tool in the objectives section. This tool will help you pinpoint the location of hidden items such as ash, buttons, candles, feathers, and more. By collecting these hidden items, you’ll have access to valuable resources. You can use them for crafting, trading, and upgrading your village.

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Get Energy Points

Energy points are essential for progressing in Family Island. They allow you to perform tasks and activities. To maximize your energy points, focus on upgrading and repairing facilities. These include the bathroom, shower, and totems. Trading with the merchant at the marina can also provide you with energy points, so keep an eye out for good deals. You can earn energy points in more ways by completing tasks from the Shaman. You can also explore nearby islands. Prioritize energy management to keep your family members energized and ready to tackle tasks.

Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

Cooking is not only a necessity in Family Island but also a great way to gain energy points. Instead of relying on berries and fruits for energy, focus on sharpening your cooking skills. Use the resources available on the island, such as chickens and goats, to gather eggs, milk, and meat. Cooking nutritious and delicious meals will provide your family with a steady source of energy. It will also increase their productivity.

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Upgrade Your Facilities

As you progress in Family Island, it’s important to continuously upgrade your facilities. This includes expanding your storage spaces, upgrading factories, and improving your kitchen. By upgrading your facilities, you’ll increase your storage capacity and production capabilities. This will allow you to store more resources, produce goods at a faster rate, and meet the demands of your growing village. Don’t forget to prioritize upgrading your facilities to maximize your efficiency and success.

Utilize the Shop

The shop in Family Island is a valuable resource for acquiring the items you need to progress in the game. Take advantage of the shop by purchasing resources, tools, power-ups, and decorations. This will allow you to enhance your village, improve your production capabilities, and unlock new features. Keep an eye out for special offers and unique items that can give you a competitive edge. Utilizing the shop effectively will greatly contribute to your success in Family Island.

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Trade with the Merchant

The merchant at the marina is a key figure in Family Island. By trading with the merchant, you can acquire valuable goods and resources. The merchant will provide you with a list of items he needs. You’ll have a limited time to gather and deliver those items. In return, you’ll receive diamonds, food, and other precious resources. Trading with the merchant is a great way to obtain rare and valuable items. They can boost your village’s progress and prosperity.

Explore Other Islands

Don’t limit yourself to just your home island in Family Island. Explore other islands to gather additional resources and discover hidden treasures. By traveling to nearby islands, you’ll expand your resource pool and gain access to unique items. Each island has its own set of challenges and rewards, so make it a priority to explore and unlock new areas. This will provide you with valuable resources. It will also add depth and variety to your gameplay experience.

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Decorate Your Village

Creating an appealing village is not about aesthetics in Family Island. Decorating your village can provide various benefits. It can increase happiness and productivity among your family members. Choose flowers and plants that match the unique landscapes of your village. place decorations to create a harmonious and inviting environment. A well-decorated village will impress visitors. It will also create a positive atmosphere for your family members to thrive.


Congratulations! You now know the best tips, tricks, and hacks to beat Family Island and build a thriving village on a deserted island. Keep your family members busy. Complete objectives and find hidden items. That’s the way to success. Maximize your energy points and sharpen your cooking skills. Upgrade your facilities. Utilize the shop and trade with the merchant. Explore other islands and decorate your village. I hope this family island game guide help you to play the game effectively. Please share this post on Facebook or other social media.

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