Family Island Chests

In this guide, we will unravel the secrets of the Family Island chests and how to find and open them. Prepare to start on a thrilling journey combining exploration, puzzle-solving skills, and exciting rewards.

What are Family Island Chests?

The Chest of Fortune is an interesting quest within Family Island that introduces players to mystery, puzzles, and exploration. It is a hunt for a hidden treasure chest that offers enticing rewards to those navigating the clues and challenges. This quest will put your problem-solving skills to the test as you search for the elusive treasure.

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Finding the Chest of Fortune

The first step in your quest is to collect all the puzzle pieces scattered throughout Family Island. Once you have gathered all the pieces, you can arrange them to reveal a mysterious treasure map. This map holds the key to locating the hidden treasure chest on the adventure island.

Locating the treasure chest is more complex than it seems. The map will guide you to a specific spot marked by a location pin. However, you must dig to uncover the chest’s hiding place. Follow the map’s indications and chop down resources in the designated area to reveal the hidden treasure chest.

Unlocking the Chest of Fortune

To unlock the Chest of Fortune and claim its rewards, you need specialized tools – the Key of Fortune, Magnifying Glass, and Lucky Shovel. Each tool plays a crucial role in the quest:

  • Key of Fortune: This unique key is the gateway to unlocking the chest. Once you have located the hidden treasure, use the Key of Fortune to open the chest and reveal its contents.
  • Magnifying Glass: The Lucky Magnifying Glass helps you examine the treasure map and surroundings for hidden clues. Look for any markings or indications that could aid you in your quest.
  • Lucky Shovel: The Lucky Shovel is your essential tool for digging the chest. Once you pinpoint the treasure’s location, use the shovel to unearth it from its hiding place.

These tools are vital in navigating the quest and ensuring you can access the chest and claim rewards.

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Chest Contents and Rewards

Family Island chests hold a variety of rewards, including energy, stars, gold tools, and unique items. The contents of the chests can vary depending on their size and type:

  • Small Chests: These small wooden chests can be opened with a single gold key. They contain energy, stars, and other helpful game items.
  • Big Chests: The big wooden chests, also known as purple or gold, require three gold keys to open. They offer unique items, including valuable golden tools.
  • Reward Chests: Some chests are available as rewards and do not require a gold key to open. These chests provide energy and other game items to help you progress in your adventure.

Obtaining Chests on Family Island

There are several ways to obtain chests on Family Island:

  • Home Island Shore Area: Small chests appear every 24 hours in the place where merchants arrive on your home island. Additionally, big chests appear every three days on the shore’s right side area. Watch for these chests and collect them to reap their rewards.
  • Event Islands: Family Island introduces new event islands at regular intervals. Some of these event islands may have chests located in different areas. Explore these islands and find the chests to collect their gifts.
  • Free Promotional Packs: Family Island occasionally offers promotional packs for purchase. These packs may contain free chests as part of their rewards. Look out for these packs and claim your free chests by clicking the designated button.

Remember that sandcastles, starfish, and other resources can sometimes obstruct the appearance of chests on your home island. It is crucial to remove these obstacles promptly to make room for the chests to appear.

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Opening the Chests

Once you have successfully followed the clues, located the treasure chest, and obtained the necessary tools, it’s time to open the chest and reveal your reward. Use the Key of Fortune to unlock the chest and witness the fruits of your hard work and perseverance.

The Chest of Fortune in Family Island presents an exciting blend of mystery, exploration, and problem-solving. It challenges players to embark on an adventure filled with puzzles and rewards. Gather your puzzle pieces, decode the treasure map, dig up the chest, and unlock the hidden treasures.

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Family Island’s Chest of Fortune quest offers an immersive and thrilling experience for players seeking adventure and excitement. By collecting puzzle pieces, deciphering treasure maps, and using specialized tools, you can uncover hidden chests filled with valuable rewards.

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