Family Island FAQs

What is Family Island Game?

Family Island is an engaging farming simulation game that transports players to a picturesque, deserted island. Here, you’re tasked with helping a stranded family rebuild their lives and community. It’s a game filled with adventure, exploration, and the joys of rural life, all set against the backdrop of a colorful, prehistoric world.
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How do I download Family Island game for Android?

Downloading Family Island for Android devices is easy. Simple visit the Google Play Store, search for “Family Island,” and click on the install button. The game is free to download, although it does offer in-app purchases for those who wish to enhance their gaming experience.
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Is there an iPhone/iPad version of Family Island?

Yes, Family Island is available for both iPhone and iPad users. To download, go to the Apple App Store, search for “Family Island,” and proceed to download it. Like its Android counterpart, the iOS version of the game is free, with optional in-app purchases.

Do I need the internet to play Family Island?

Family Island can be played without an internet connection for most of its features. However, an internet connection is required for downloading updates, making in-app purchases, and accessing some of the social features of the game.
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Is there a story in Family Island?

Yes, there is a lot of story on Family Island. A family that has been left alone on a barren island is the focus of the game. To help the family overcome obstacles and discover the island’s numerous mysteries, players assist in building a new house. The narrative gives the gameplay more nuance and significance, giving every job and accomplishment a sense of purpose.

How do you get free keys on Family Island?

Free keys, which are used to unlock chests and obtain rare items, can be earned through completing certain tasks, participating in events, and sometimes as rewards for levelling up. Keep an eye on the game’s events and challenges to collect as many free keys as possible. Also on we are collected free gifts links which include rewards, coin and keys. You can get free keys on family island free energy link.
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What are Festivals in Family Island?

Festivals are limited-time events in Family Island that offer unique challenges and rewards. During festivals, players can participate in special tasks to earn exclusive items, decorations, and other bonuses. These events add an extra layer of excitement to the game, providing fresh content and goals.

What are pink bags in Family Island and what’s inside?

Pink bags are unique gifts that occasionally include keys along with other goods like energy and resources. You may find these bags by going on missions, exploring the island, or receiving rewards from festivals and events. Though often unexpected, the contents are always helpful for your island journey.

What are the best crops to plant in Family Island?

The best crops to plant in Family Island depend on your current needs and level. Early on, quick-growing crops like carrots and potatoes are essential for food and completing certain tasks. As you progress, more valuable crops like wheat and cotton become available, which are key for crafting and higher-level tasks.

What is the difference between a big chest and a small chest on Family Island?

The main difference between big chests and small chests in Family Island is the quality and quantity of the items they contain. Big chests often hold more valuable items or a larger number of resources compared to small chests. However, they may require more keys or effort to unlock.
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What are game boosters in Family Island and how to use them?

Game boosters are special items that provide temporary benefits, such as speeding up crop growth, increasing energy restoration, or boosting resource production. To use a booster, simply activate it from your inventory when you need a helping hand in achieving your goals more efficiently.
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What to do if the family can’t reach the Seasonal Flower Garden in Family Island?

If the family is unable to access the Seasonal Flower Garden, it is frequently necessary to remove obstructions such as trees and rocks to make room for them to walk. Make sure you have sufficient energy and resources to clear the path. Sometimes, to enter new regions, you have to do particular objectives or achieve a certain level.
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How do you get stars fast on Family Island?

Earning stars quickly in Family Island involves completing tasks, advancing through the story, and participating in festivals and events. Focus on tasks that can be completed swiftly and efficiently to maximize your star earnings. Upgrading buildings and expanding your island also contribute to earning stars.

What are the different buildings in Family Island?

Family Island features a variety of buildings, each serving a unique purpose. From basic shelters and kitchens to more advanced structures like workshops and farms, buildings are essential for processing resources, crafting items, and progressing through the game. Upgrading these buildings is key to unlocking new possibilities and improving efficiency.
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What are the daily tasks in Family Island?

Family Island daily chores provide players with a daily set of goals to accomplish and reward them with resources, energy, and occasionally keys or other rare goods. These jobs might be anything from acquiring particular materials to making things and assisting with the planning of your everyday activities on the island.
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What are the animals in Family Island for?

Animals in Family Island serve various purposes, from providing essential resources like milk and eggs to assisting in tasks or simply adding life and charm to your island. Taking care of your animals is crucial, as they are a key component of self-sufficiency on the island.
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How to get energy in Family Island?

Energy in Family Island can be replenished through various means, such as eating food, completing tasks, or using specific items. Additionally, free energy links are occasionally provided on platforms like, offering players a helpful boost to keep exploring and building their island.
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Where to find the elevator lever in Family Island?

The elevator lever, crucial for accessing new areas, is typically found by exploring the island, completing specific tasks, or as part of event rewards. Keep progressing through the game and checking all areas thoroughly to locate this essential item.

How to get wheat in Family Island?

Wheat becomes available as you progress in Family Island, usually after reaching a certain level or unlocking specific areas. Planting and harvesting wheat are key activities for crafting food and completing tasks, so prioritize its cultivation once it’s accessible.
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How to feed the family in Family Island (when getting “Everyone’s full” message)?

When you receive the “Everyone’s full” message, it means your family’s energy levels are at their maximum, and no further food is needed at the moment. Focus on using this energy to complete tasks and explore the island until their energy depletes and more food is required.
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Where to find chests in Family Island?

Chests can be found scattered throughout the island, often hidden behind obstacles or awarded for completing tasks and participating in events. Exploring every corner of the island and engaging in various activities are the best ways to discover and unlock chests.
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How to Get Coins in Family Island

In Family Island, earning cash is essential for buying upgrades and other stuff that might improve your gameplay. Completing the daily objectives and challenges in the game is one efficient way to get coins. These jobs range in complexity, but when they’re finished, they always yield a continuous flow of cash. Trading at the Marina may also be profitable, particularly if you swap items at favourable currency rates. Another tactic is to extensively explore the islands since hidden chests frequently hold valuables like money. Players may make sure they have a steady supply of cash to finance their island explorations by giving these tasks top priority.
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How to Unlock New Recipes in Family Island

Gaining access to new recipes is essential to advancing on Family Island as it lets users make more valuable and varied things. One has to upgrade their other crafting stations and kitchen to unlock these recipes. New recipes and chances to improve your resource management come with every upgrade. Aside from special recipes that can only be obtained through special events and quest completion, players may also earn exclusive recipes through normal upgrades. Furthermore, discovering secret old recipes within the scenery on various islands might provide your residents with uncommon and unique food alternatives.
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How to Join a Neighborhood on Family Island

Joining a neighbourhood in Family Island fosters a sense of community and cooperation among players. To become part of a neighbourhood, one must first reach a certain level in the game, which unlocks the neighbourhood feature. Afterwards, players can either search for an existing neighbourhood to join or create their own and invite friends or other players. Joining a neighbourhood allows for the exchange of resources, tips, and assistance in completing challenging tasks. It’s a valuable aspect of the game that enhances the overall experience through social interaction and mutual support.

How to Get Diamonds in Family Island

Diamonds are a premium currency in Family Island, offering players the ability to speed up processes and purchase unique items. Acquiring diamonds can be achieved through completing specific quests that reward these precious gems upon completion. Additionally, reaching new levels and milestones within the game often comes with diamond rewards. Players should also keep an eye out for special events, as these frequently offer diamonds as part of their rewards. While diamonds are more scarce than coins, strategic players can accumulate them to use on crucial upgrades and items.
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How to Upgrade Facilities in Family Island

Modernizing infrastructure is crucial to Family Island’s progress since it makes it possible to produce increasingly complex goods and discover new recipes. Players must find the necessary materials by exploring the islands, doing missions, and trading to upgrade a facility. The upgrade option becomes accessible and the procedure may start once the materials are gathered. Modernizing your facilities will not only make them more practical but also add to the island’s overall growth and visual appeal.

How Do I Level Up My Family Members in Family Island?

Levelling up your family members in Family Island increases their efficiency and unlocks new abilities and tasks they can perform. This can be achieved by engaging them in various activities around the island, such as harvesting resources, crafting items, and completing challenges. Each activity contributes to their experience points (XP), gradually leading to a level-up. Additionally, certain special events and quests specifically designed for family members can expedite this process by offering substantial XP rewards.
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Why Are Trees Not Growing Back on Home Island in Family Island?

Players might notice that trees and other resources do not immediately regrow on Home Island, leading to concerns about sustainability. This game mechanic encourages exploration and expansion to other islands to gather resources. However, trees and plants will eventually regrow over time, though this process can be slow. Players can expedite regrowth by using specific items or abilities that are occasionally available during events or as part of the game’s ongoing updates.

Why Can’t I Repair the Stairs in Family Island?

Repairing the stairs or other structures in Family Island requires specific resources and sometimes a certain level or quest completion to unlock the repair option. If you’re unable to repair the stairs, it’s likely because you have not yet met one or more of these requirements. Gathering the necessary resources, levelling up, and completing any prerequisite quests will eventually allow you to undertake repairs and restore access to previously unreachable areas of the island.
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How to Trade at the Marina on Family Island

Trading at the Marina is a strategic element of Family Island, allowing players to exchange goods for coins, resources, or special items. To engage in trading, one must first repair the Marina, which becomes an option as you progress through the game. Once operational, players can select goods to offer and choose among the available trading options, each providing different rewards. Successful trading requires a balance between offering goods that are in surplus and acquiring items that are needed for quests, upgrades, or other essential purposes.
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What Are the Best Things to Trade at the Marina in Family Island?

Determining the best items to trade at the Marina involves assessing current needs and surplus resources. High-demand goods, such as food items and rare resources, often fetch higher prices and are more beneficial to trade. Additionally, trading items that you have in excess can relieve storage pressure while providing valuable resources or coins in return. Monitoring the fluctuating demands within the Marina can also reveal profitable trading opportunities, maximizing the benefits of each transaction.

How Do I Complete Quests Faster in Family Island?

Completing quests faster in Family Island requires efficient resource management and strategic planning. Prioritizing tasks that align with quest objectives can significantly reduce completion time. Utilizing family members effectively by assigning them tasks based on their strengths and available actions can expedite quest progress. Additionally, participating in community events and neighbourhoods can provide assistance and resources that accelerate the completion of quests.
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How to Get More Free Energy on Family Island

Energy is the lifeblood of activity in Family Island, and acquiring it for free can significantly enhance your gameplay. One method is by collecting the daily energy bonus available within the game. Additionally, completing certain quests and participating in events can reward players with energy. For those seeking external resources, visiting educational platforms like can sometimes offer links to free energy resources, although availability may vary.
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How Do I Connect with Friends in Family Island?

Making friends on Family Island enhances the gameplay experience by facilitating resource sharing and teamwork to accomplish objectives. Using the social elements of the game, players must first add friends to join, which requires an active internet connection. After you’ve become friends, you may visit one another’s islands, help each other with tasks, and even send presents to encourage one another.
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How to Open Red Island on Family Island

Opening Red Island, one of the many explorable areas in Family Island, requires players to reach a certain level and complete specific quests that unlock the pathway to this new adventure. Progressing through the game and focusing on levelling up will eventually lead to the opportunity to explore Red Island, offering new resources, quests, and challenges to overcome.

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