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Are you looking for a Family Island free energy link to get rewards, energy, and rubies? This updated post is here, where I will provide you the latest Family Island Energy link free. This post gives you the latest and previous links. I recommend you click the latest link for free Energy Family Island and daily rewards.

Family Island Game Overview

Family Island is a mobile game developed by Melsoft Games. This game is available on Android and iOS store. This game combines the elements of farming, crafting, adventure, and storytelling. After a volcanic eruption, you play as a modern family stranded on an ancient island. You aim to help them build a new life, starting from scratch.

Here is a full updated list of Family island free energy gift and rubbies links:

DateFamily Island Links
7th July 202440 Energy
40 Energy
20 Energy
6th July 202440 Energy
40 Energy
20 Energy
5th July 202440 Energy
40 Energy
20 Energy
4th July 2024
40 Energy
30 Energy & 2 Rubies
40 Energy
20 Energy
3rd July 202440 Energy
40 Energy
40 Energy
20 Energy
2nd July 202440 Energy
40 Energy
20 Energy
1st July 202440 Energy
40 Energy
20 Energy

To collect daily energy and rewards, please consider that.

  • Links usually expire after a certain time. Claim them soon after accessing them.
  • Links might have specific limits. You can use one at a time.
  • If you already got a reward from a link, it won’t work again
  • All the links are collected from sources on the official website and social media pages.
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How to redeem free energy and rubies

Here is a step-by-step guide to redeem free energy for Family Island through links.

  1. Tap on the link that I gave. I recommend to use the updated link.
  2. This link will open in a new tab window.
  3. In a new window, you find the official website of Family Island.
  4. This page redirected to your family island game.
  5. The app might show a confirmation message or a pop-up asking you to claim the reward. Tap “Claim” or “Collect” for free energy.
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Other ways to get rubies or more free rewards

Getting free rewards from the Family Island free energy link is easier, but there are other ways to get rubies or more free rewards in the Family Island game and receive energy.

Earn them through gameplay:

  • Daily tasks and quests: These are your bread and butter. Completing them consistently is key to a steady flow of resources.
  • Keep an eye out for special events and challenges on the island. They offer generous rewards. These rewards include Energy, Rubies, and unique items.
  • Master the Workshops: Upgrading your workshops unlocks new items. It also rewards you with Rubies. Keep those crafting fires burning!
  • Conquer the Puzzle Cave: Challenge your brainpower. Solving puzzles earns you resources and even gems, including Rubies.
  • Order Board: Completing tasks on the Order Board nets you Energy gifts and other goodies. The higher your level, the better the rewards.
  • Helping Friends: Lend a helping hand to friends. Send them gifts or assist with tasks. You’ll get Energy and other bonuses in return.

Extra tricks and tips:

  • Watch video ads: They aren’t for everyone. But, they are a quick way to get a free refill of Energy in Family Island.
  • Island Events and Challenges: Connect with the Family Island community. Join Facebook groups or online forums dedicated to the game. Players often share tips and tricks for getting extra resources.
  • Use boosters strategically: Boosters can significantly increase your resource gains for a limited time. Use them wisely during events. Also, use them wisely when tackling challenging tasks.
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Tips to save Free energy

  • Prioritize production buildings. Focus on upgrading and expanding buildings. These buildings generate resources like food, wood, and stone. This reduces reliance on generators, saving fuel.
  • Arrange buildings so workers have less distance to walk. This optimizes production chains. This maximizes output per fuel unit.
  • Manage power consumption: Turn off unneeded generators and appliances. Use the “Auto Shut Off” feature to disable generators automatically. This happens when the batteries are full.
  • Embrace efficient appliances: Upgrade to advanced cookers, smelters, and workshops. They consume less fuel while producing the same amount.

Family Island Helpful resources

let me share some useful resources that every family island play should know. You can check the website and other social media pages like the Facebook page link and the YouTube channel link. If you want to download the Family Island game on Google Play Store and iOS store.


I hope you will like all free energy links and booster for family island game that are updated daily. All the links I provide you are from trusted and official sources. I also use these links, and then share them on my blog post. Please let me know in the comment section if you like my work and share it on social media.

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