Get keys in Family Island Game

If you’re an avid player of Family Island, you’re well aware of the importance of keys. Whether they are gold or ordinary, these keys play a crucial role in the game. This article will guide you on how to get keys in Family Island to enhance your gameplay experience.

Family Island Keys

In Family Island, keys are indispensable resources used to unlock new areas, challenges, and treasure chests brimming with valuable items.

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Obtain Gold Keys in Family Island

Completing Merchant Orders

One of the primary methods of securing gold keys is by fulfilling the merchant’s orders. This character, known as Gafur, frequently has a total of 10 orders every 15 hours.

By completing the chain of orders, you can earn valuable rewards. To be specific, if you manage to complete 5, 7, and 9 orders, you’ll be rewarded with a pack that includes at least one gold key.

However, be cautious when declining an order. If you refuse too many requests, you may end up losing a golden key, which is a much-needed resource.

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Participating in Events

Events are special missions that offer a quick way to earn rewards, including gold keys. These events range in duration, with some last 2-3 days and others extending to 5 days or more.

Participating in events not only allows you to replenish resources but also provides an opportunity to secure golden keys. Each event has its own set of tasks, which are closely related to your progress in the adventure.

Claiming Daily Rewards

Claiming the daily reward is the easiest way to secure a golden key in Family Island. All you need to do is log in every day and claim the reward. After completing a week, you’ll receive a free golden key.

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Additional Methods of Obtaining Keys

Purchasing from the In-Game Store

While not a free method, you can also buy golden keys from the in-game store using rubies, a currency that can be earned through missions or purchased from the same store. This method provides a quick way to get keys, but it’s not necessary to advance in the game.

Discovering Treasure Chests

Treasure chests hidden around the island can also contain keys. These chests often appear when you clear areas around the beach.

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How to Use Keys in Family Island

Now that you know how to obtain keys, let’s discuss how to use them. After completing a puzzle in the game, you’ll reveal a treasure map. Follow the clues to the place indicated on the map, chop down the resources, and a chest of fortune will pop out.

Use the keys to open the chest and claim your reward. This treasure-hunting process adds an extra layer of excitement and adventure to the game.

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Getting keys in Family Island is an essential part of enhancing your gameplay experience. By completing merchant orders, participating in events, claiming daily rewards, or even purchasing from the in-game store, you can secure these valuable resources to unlock new areas, challenges, and treasures.

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