Match Masters Guide – Tips and Strategies

This comprehensive Match Masters guide will set you on the path to winning. From understanding the basics to utilizing boosters, perks, and special tiles, everything I will cover in this complete blog post. So let’s begin.

Match Masters Game Overview

Match Masters is a unique, highly engaging player-versus-player (PvP) match-3 game. It offers a thrilling twist to the popular mobile gaming genre by pitting friends and random players worldwide against each other in real time. The goal is simple: match 3 or more pieces of the same colour and outscore your opponent. However, the strategies involved can be complex and varied, providing endless fun and challenges.

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Match Masters Gameplay

When starting in Match Masters, it’s crucial to grasp the game rules to maximize your performance. The game consists of four rounds, each allowing two moves for both players. The player who amasses the most points by the end of the fourth round emerges victorious.

However, you can earn an extra move by matching four or more pieces of the same color. But remember, the maximum number of moves is capped at two. Also, each round is time-constrained, so you must think fast and act quickly to make your moves before the timer runs out.

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Utilizing Special Tiles

Special tiles are created when you match four or more tiles in a specific pattern. These special tiles, when matched with common pieces, can clear multiple pieces on the game board, earning you bonus points. It’s best to focus on creating and using these special tiles effectively during your turn.

Choosing and Using Boosters Wisely

Before each match, you have the chance to select a booster. These game-changing power-ups can dramatically affect the game’s outcome. Hence, choosing and using the right booster at the right time can make all the difference between a win and a loss.

Making the Most of Perks

In addition to boosters, you also have two perks at your disposal in each game. These perks, like the hammer and shuffle, can significantly influence the game, especially when used strategically. They don’t consume a move and can be used once per game, so don’t forget to take advantage of them.

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Capitalizing on Events and Stages

Match Masters frequently introduces new stages and events. Participating in these events can offer additional rewards and unique gameplay experiences. So, it’s always a good idea to stay updated and take part in these events whenever possible.

Scoring Extra Moves

Matching four or more tiles not only creates a special tile but also awards an extra move. Always look for opportunities to match four or more tiles as this can give you an additional turn, providing an edge over your opponent.

Focusing on Booster Activation

In Match Masters, you can activate your chosen booster by matching blue star pieces. This activation doesn’t cost a move and can significantly impact the game. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize matching blue star pieces to activate your booster as soon as possible.

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Keeping Calm and Thinking Strategically

Although Match Masters is a fast-paced game, it’s essential to stay calm and make strategic decisions. Scan the entire game board before making a move and plan your actions based on the current game situation.

Climbing the Trophy Ladder

Winning matches in Match Masters earns you trophies. Accumulating these trophies helps you climb the rankings and unlock new perks and boosters. The higher you climb, the more rewards you can obtain.

Joining a Team

Once you reach a certain star level, you unlock the ability to join a team. Being part of a team offers various benefits, such as free boosters and coins, and the chance to engage with a community of players.

Learning from Your Mistakes

Every game is a learning opportunity. Analyze your gameplay after each match, learn from your mistakes, and apply these lessons in future games. Continuous learning and improvement are the keys to mastering Match Masters.

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Never Giving Up

Even if the opponent seems to be leading, remember that the game can turn around at any moment, especially with the strategic use of boosters and special tiles. So, never give up and keep striving for the win.


By following these match master tips and tricks, you can improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. Remember, every game is an opportunity to learn and grow. So, keep playing, keep learning, and most importantly, keep having fun!

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